Review the vocabulary: long-term and immediate goals.

Recently, you learned about your beliefs— what everything is most important for you in how you will live your life. Today we're going to see where it really is that you want to look in your life. Long-term desired goals: think about where you want them to be later on. In five years by now, you guys will be 18/19. Consider these concerns:

What will you be carrying out? Where will you be? Who will you be with? Areas to work with:

Physical: health, exercise, sleep, nourishment; help the body feel good.

Mental: school/grades, talents/interests; give case

Emotional: emotions; example: dealing with anger

Family/social: improve human relationships in your your life; give good examples, ie obtaining along with parents, friends Decide on an area you want to work on. Set an objective for a few years to get where you want to be. Short-term goals: Now break your goal up into a few smaller goals that you can reach now. Weight loss eat a entire elephant, you could eat one bite at any given time. Short-term goals help you reach your long term goal. Consider carefully your resources: So what do you need to fulfill your goal? (time, money, abilities, people, know-how, self-discipline) Are you experiencing enough methods to reach pregnancy? If not really, you will have to make goal or perhaps figure out a way to get assets. There are many methods to reach precisely the same goal. Such as:

Sometimes aims will turmoil. For example , you decided to hang out with your family, nevertheless, you also want to develop good basketball skills along with your friends. How will you decide which objective comes first. You will need to prioritize, or put the most crucial goals initially. This will help is made choices once you have conflicts. Learning to prioritize you are a key to taking responsibility and growing up. You will need to choose between your goals and beliefs all your lifestyle. Ask these questions if you are confused about your goals:

1 . Performs this goal fulfill my needs and wants?

2 . Is it based on my beliefs?

3. Should i have the solutions I need?

4. Does the target need to be accomplished now or perhaps later?


1 . Lecture/Notes

2 . A well-balanced life worksheet (curriculum guidebook, personal leadership p. 11) 3. Set a long lasting goal for just one area in the life, and 3 immediate goals that will help you reach the long-term goal. 4. Notification to your self - Wherever are you going to be and what are you gonna be performing in a few years? Consist of family, friends, education, home, accomplishments, profession, etc ., ½-1 page; put it in an cover and talk about it to become mailed in 5 years. It may be required for another language. 5. Educator interview - Work with the teacher to produce a plan for improving your grade or tendencies. Follow your plan.

Summary: Setting long-term goals will help you be happy. Establishing short-term goals will help you reach your long-term goals. Program: project

Lifestyle Skills— 9th grade

Name: Making decisions

Standard/concept: Very good decisions are made by inspecting the situation for the best choice Goal: students can practice making good decisions

Time: one day

Materials: table and gun, a celebrity template to get tracing, development paper, copies of worksheets. Lesson Content:

Definition of decision: decision you make between 2 or even more possibilities. Decisions are a element of life. You are going to always make decisions. A lot of decisions are easy to make; others are challenging. Not making a choice is a decision. Different people have different ways of producing decisions. Little impulse decisions probably won't go harm. Larger decisions need a more structured way of selecting and need more believed and evaluation. The decision-making process

1 . Define the challenge. What is it?

2 . Identify alternatives/choices. What can you carry out?

Usually even more choices than you think. Speak to others and explore alternatives to help you discover more options.

3. Assess possible results. What are the consequences of each choice? List the good qualities and cons of...


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