Figure Analysis of Reverend Parris

If it were not because of the self-preserving and money grubbing nature, as well the paranoia of the persons in Salem, the Salem Witch Tests of 1692 would most likely not have occurred. Among those people can be Reverend Parris, who is the minister of the church in The Crucible. Almost all Reverend Parris cares about can be his reputation/good name plus the amount of wealth he has. He can paranoid there is a gang of townspeople that are looking to get him trashed of his position. As a result of his have to preserve his good brand he goes along with the fake proceedings in the witch trials. In the end he starts to hesitation the trials for the same reason. He also suppresses proof that would have got discredited the court, although instead the court becomes stronger and make is impossible to halt. Reverend Parris

One of Parris's only worries is the upkeep of his good brand in the town of Salem. When he finds Betty, his daughter, fantastic niece, Abigail Williams, grooving in the woods, he sees that it will help to make him appearance bad inside the eyes of his congregation and they will reduce respect for him. As he says to Abigail, ” I have fought against here 3 long years to bend over these hard necked individuals to me, at the moment when some good respect can be rising for me in the parish, you give up my very character. " (pg. 11) He would not want the actions of his foolish daughter and niece to destroy the work that this individual has put in for years to be ruined because his girl and niece's foolish actions.

Parris is likewise a independent, greedy man who only looks out for numero 1, himself. For example , he gets to a fight with Ruben Proctor regarding having to pay six pounds burning down wood if he gets paid out a annually salary of sixty six pounds, " I respect that 6 pound within my earnings. I are paid small enough without I dedicate six hammer fire wooden. ” In addition , He likewise claims that someone of his well-regarded credentials (graduating from Harvard College) would get paid much more than...


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