Q1. Ved prakash Arya the CEO and founder of Milestone capital died recently in an unfortunate accident. Just how? Ans. Coconut tree fell on him during his morning walk in Mumbai Q2. In what denomination has RBI introduced PLASTIC notes over a trial basis? Ans. 12 Rs

Q3.. Precisely what is the monetary instrument through which Warren Buffett is usually iinvesting five bn money in Bank of America? AnsВ Preference shares

Q4. On resignation of Sam Jobs who has taken over as the CEO of Apple? Ans Tim Cook

Q5. ”That guy will certainly not be going to make it. He doesn't get technology. He's only a salesman. 'About whom would Ed Property, Polaroid CEO say this kind of? Ans. Dorrie Jobs

Q6. In the midst of the Anna fever in India which co has launched an OPERATING SYSTEM called SYMBIAN ANNA? Ans. Nokia

Q7. " Do bachcho ke baad ho jao 3G rapid climax premature climax, busy”. Which in turn co is usually promoting 3-G as more enjoyable than love-making? Ans. thought

Q8. Which magazine is presented by the company The Machines (Mysore) Ltd.? Ans. В Deccan Herald. It can be coming out with a Delhi editionВ Q9. For which innerwear company have David Beckham, Evangelico ronaldo and now Rafael Wci?? bared? Ans. Armani

Q10. Which will oil company in India has released India's first self support petrol pump in Delhi recently? Ans. Indiannoil

Q11. Which will four Of india cos have already been included in the new Harvard publication " Higher ambition: ”? Ans.  Tata Sons, Thermax, Infosys and Mahindra & Mahindra Q12. In this time what are the two purposes which is why TELEGRAM is still being used in India? Ans. To inform loan defaulters and absconding staff

Weekly Business QuizВ #93

August 23, 2011

Q1. Name the chain of bookstores made its debut in 1877 by T. T. Banerjee and a Frenchman Emile Moreau with their initially store in Allahabad. В Ans. A. L. wheeler

Q2. That has composed the background music for the Hero motocorp heroes music? В A L Rahman

Q3. In accordance with the registrar of newspapers in India, how many magazines are posted in India? Ans. В 73000

Q4, For featuring credit insurance to which aiirline has the Fresh India Peace of mind Chairman Ramadoss suspended? В Ans. Paramount

Q5. Who will be the largest beneficiary bcoz of the Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility? ( greatest shareholder of Motorola) Ans. Carl Icahn

Q6. In which hard anodized cookware stock exchange will the UK membership Man Combined do a billion $ GOING PUBLIC? В Ans. Singapore

-Compiled simply by G. Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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Weekly Business Quiz #В 92

September 16, 2011

Q1. Who do the promotion of all Raj Kapoor movies after " Sangam”?  Ans. Ameen Sayani, the radio broadcaster

Q2. Who said ” We cannot include live broadcast. It is as well dangerous” within the decision to scrap DD3? Ans. PV Narasimha Rao, the PM HOURS in '93

Q. 5 Who did Rupert Murdoch refer because the " splendid pirates” of the Indian TV market? Ans. wire operators

Q5. What is the company of Tree House, an organization currently in the news for IPO? Ans. Pre-primary educational institutions

Q6. P, 2P and a few P are definitely the three types in which reserves of which all-natural resources grouped? Ans. crude oil

Q7. What is " FIAT” cash?

Ans. В Money that has value only because of govt fiat or legislation Q8. What unique insurance is offered simply by ARAG, a German insurance firm, in The united kingdom? Ans. В Divorce insurance

Q9. Companies like Way2SMS insert flagging advertisement tags towards the end of communications. What is the jargon just for this? Ans. Mobitisements

Q10. Which insurance scheme launched by LIC after the 2008 financial crisis became a huge hit? Ans. Jeevan Aastha

- Compiled by G. Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz #В 91

August on the lookout for, 2011

Q1. Suggestions worth spreading is the tagline of which internet site/movement? Ans. TED

Q2. Along with life and libertywhat features FInland a part of July 2010 as a citizens' fundamental right? Ans. High speed

Q3. What makes people in US hating David Beers?

Ans. He is the sovereign rating head of S & P who also down graded US Q4. Name the 2...


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