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Caitlyn Kiefer 11/7/13 Mister. Bacon period 2

There are numerous ways in which African Americans have been completely denied equal rights. As a result, there were many strategies that individuals, teams and the authorities have applied since 1950 to deal with the inequality confronted by Africa Americans. A few of the methods included peaceful protest and withholding support of companies. One way Africa Americans have been denied equality was segregation at lunch counters in addition to restaurants. For instance , blacks and whites sitting separate via each other in restaurants. There were a section pertaining to blacks and a different section for white wines. When there were no more dining tables left for whites to eat at, blacks would have to stop their desk to the white-colored person. Likewise only white wines were in order to eat on the lunch counter tops. One method accustomed to deal with this kind of inequality was sit-ins, a sort of protest exactly where African American individuals sit and refuse to leave. For example , from your Greensboro region, there were various people who desired to help through peaceful demonstration and detrimental disobedience simply by participating in the sit-ins. It got to the stage where they had alterations, and wherever all the cafe seats had been taken which in turn excluded whites. This every relates to what Martin Luther King Jr. said in his " I Have A Dream” conversation. When he says " Excellent dream that my several children can one day are in a region where they're not going to be judged by the colour of their pores and skin, but by content with their character”, he means that he wants his children to never be evaluated by their race but by how they actually are inside and how they can contribute to society successfully. This is important because the African Us citizens wanted the restaurant keepers to see that even though...


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