E-textbooks hitting with schools

August 30, 2002|By Marsha Walton

http://articles.cnn.com/2002-08-30/tech/coolsc.ebooks_1_e-book-astronomy-student-forum?_s=PM: TECH

Will physical literature be gone in five years?

October 18, 2010|By Cody Combs


The e-book: still in its 'early days' in PHL, but an evergrowing option CARMELA G. LAPEГ‘A, GMA NEWSВ August 26, 2012


Digital library forced in GenSan public universities

ByВ Allen Sixth is v. EstabilloВ on October 4 2012 10: forty-five pm


Should Scholars Be Forced To Acquire E-Books?

Jeremy Novack, Forbes Staff 5/18/2012

http://www.forbes.com/sites/janetnovack/2012/05/18/should-college-students-be-forced-to-buy-e-books/ For some time now, e-books have been the assumed future of degree. The reasons why have always been pretty obvious: they have the actual to save college students money, they're a lot easier to hold around, and because today's learners seem to choose digital to print when it comes to just about everything else, it implemented that that they had feel the same manner about textbooks (Novack, 2012).

Elements for ebooks:

http://www.panareadigital.com/ebooks-in-students%E2%80%99-lives-2/ Ebooks in students' lives

Published byВ RosarioВ onВ 9th 04 2012

http://www.researchinformation.info/features/feature.php?feature_id=167 E-books are here to stay

Mary WilkieВ andВ Sian Harris, May 08

So , what is this eBook reader exactly?

Matt Palen, 2010


Learning Good Research Habits

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 01 Dec 2008 00: 42

http://www.australia.edu/Resources/learning-good-study-habits.html With many behaviors, the sooner you start practicing and developing great habits, the better opportunity you will have you will continue with them. We all believe that good analyze habits are essential to educational success. Great study behaviors are an essential part of any student's achievement. We probably can reduce the academic dishonesty by advertising good research habits with students, and letting the scholars know that good study behaviors are very crucial when it comes to school. Still, actually procrastination could be overcome with proper analyze habits, and improving your research habits is the key to better learning. Good study habits are a great tool in the toolbox of life. It absolutely was in this extensive magnitude the researcher located the conceiving of this study more than regular so as to treat the developing problems on the employees' spectacular performance.

College students' study behaviors evolving with technology

by Thor Olavsrud | July 12, 2011


The consequences of Modern Technology for the Study Practices of Students By Jon Ireland


P& G e. Studyante enhances learning with extra laptop monetary gift INQUIRER. net

7: forty seven pm | Tuesday, March 20th, 2012



Are E-books Any Good?

By Lisa Guernsey, June one particular, 2011В


EBooks: Lightweight, Interactive, В Cost-Effective

Mary SimoneВ | October 24, 2011


eBooks compared to Real Publication!

by Adedayo Adeyanju upon 19th May well, 2011


eBooks Vs . Real Books

byВ MaverickВ onВ October twenty-eight, 2011



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