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Explaining Hypertonie to a 63yr old man

Hypertonie is a serious or consistent medical condition also known as high blood pressure. This condition causes the arteries to consistently elevate blood pressure. The moment high blood pressure is normal, the blood flows through smoothly because the artery wall is definitely smooth. However , when an person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, the blood goes through the arterial blood vessels with a lot of force. At some point, high blood pressure may cause serious damage to the arterial blood vessels if it should go untreated. As well, high blood pressure triggers the heart to have to operate much harder than normal to keep up the flow of blood through the arteries.

Hypertension can lead to damaged bodily organs and several ailments such as renal failure and strokes. Regarding 33% of individuals aren't aware that they have high blood pressure. This lack of knowledge can go on for many years. For this reason, it is vital to do regular blood pressure tests even if you will find no symptoms present.

The conventional blood pressure intended for an individual can be 120/80 wherever 120 presents the systolic measure (peak pressure inside the arteries) and 80 symbolizes the diastolic measure (minimum pressure in the arteries). Stress of between 120/80 and 130/89 is referred to as pre-hypertension. Blood pressure of 140/90 or previously mentioned is considered hypertonie. There are two classifications intended for hypertension, which are essential or perhaps secondary. Vital is the term used for hypertension when its cause is unknown. Unidentified causes to get hypertension makes up about about 95% of situations. Alternatively, extra hypertension is a term intended for high blood pressure with causes relevant to kidney disease, tumors or birth control supplements. Although the precise causes of hypertension are unidentified, there are several factors that are generally associated with this condition such as:

Smoking cigarettes

Obesity or being overweight

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