п»їCentral, East and S. africa (Fill inside the Blank forty five points)

1 ) Trade and Migration

Control connects people across wonderful distances and leads not just in economic exchange but also to cultural exchange. Operate was the most crucial source of income in Africa. Dialect, religion, technological ideas, technological innovations, and political theories travel and leisure along the same routes while East and South Africa.

2 . Bantu Migrations

As well around 2k BCE, a level larger migration got below way–that in the Bantu-speaking peoples based in the forested royaume near the Niger and Benue Rivers. The Bantu, who were primarily farmers, spread southern and east, blending with local hunter–gatherers who inhabited the areas that they settled. Historians debate what causes the Bantu migrations but many attribute the movement to Arabic and traditional African. As the Bantu peoples spread, they carried farming with these people. Over time, the descendants with the first trend of migrant workers would drive farther southern, spreading their very own language and culture through the entire region. With time, as more people satisfied along the coastline, they, as well, would turn into traders.

three or more. The Surge of Kingdoms (15 points)


_Arab and the various other traders was coming to East Africa for years and years. In the 8th Century, the Arabs moved south and set up new port towns along the American indian Ocean.

_These trading centers grew into powerful marketplaces for Arabic and Indian merchant and native Africa populations who descended by earlier Bantu migrants.

_ The mixing up of Bantu languages with Arabic ended in the Swahili language, and the region started to be known as the Swahili Coast. Arab traders brought not only dialect and operate goods but also religious beliefs, and by the 9th and 10th hundreds of years CE, Islam had become the predominant beliefs in the seaside city claims.

Great Zimbabwe:

_These cities prospered simply by sending in house trade products, most especially precious metal, copper and iron, along the Limpopo and Save Rives to metropolitan areas along the Indian...


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