What if I told you that you were not allowed to marry the person you genuinely desired? And so while the most the population can savor the privilege of marriage, both you and others as if you are casted away in society while different. This matter of same sex relationship has been with your life for years at this point, and it is period we finally make a decision. Lately, California passed Proposition 8. This is a great amendment to the California cosmetic which simply states " Only marital life between a male and woman is valid or identified in California. ” It is tragic how these mere fourteen phrases can negatively impact numerous people's lives. Luckily, a repeal of Proposition almost eight may show on the Nov 2010 boule. This means we now have the opportunity to unnecessary our problem of letting this law pass in the first place. I believe we should all support this repeal in any way we are able to. Regardless of the views from the gay community, it is important you all discover why voting from this repeal is wrong, out of constitute, and discriminating. This political election is not about politics or religion. This election is about fairness; it is regarding people who are in the right age group, are in love, whom choose to live together, reveal everything together, and just want to be able to have similar protection that the government funds everyone else. Our California metabolism should make sure the same freedoms and rights to everyone; no one group should be singled out to be remedied differently. In fact , our nation was founded for the principle that people must be treated evenly. Denying lgbt couples the privilege of marriage will be going from this principle. Proponents of this idea are worried that repeal within this legislation would affect their particular religious establishments. However , in accordance to New York State Senator Eric Schneiderman, religious institutions can continue to perform only the events that follow their very own beliefs and traditions. Gay people are not asking for matrimony equality in the churches,...


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