Andy Macedo

Culture, Male or female, Film

Mentor Hammons


The Balinese Culture

Through history, there were many nationalities and cultural groups which have shown the particular good of their people and culture to the outside universe in order to gain an optimistic representation. The Balinese certainly are a people who I believe, over the years, lost all their true tradition or ethnographic representation as a result of modernization and material requires such as funds. After reading Howe's content about the Kuta explosive device and viewing the National Geographic film on the Balinese, it is simple to recognize the real misrepresentations the Balinese have got tried to give the outside universe.

Peaceful, loving, spiritually developed, family members devoted, are generally descriptions the fact that National Geographic documentary portrayed the Balinese in their film. But these attributes of Bali seem to be just scratching the surface of the island's accurate identity according to Howe and his content. Howe declares that these says of a beautiful culture will be myths, only telling a partial truth. Inside the film, the representation of the peaceful towns embraced by simply divine rice patty fields that look like steps in the gods provides viewer a good outlook in what goes on in everyday life. For instance , the film states that many married gentleman must join the local keep or armed service, and improve the common very good. However Howe has a diverse way of explaining the men during Bali. This individual states the simple truth is that the Balinese are often in dispute with the relatives and neighbors, sometimes violently. Sometimes they overcome their spouses and wager money apart on cockfights. This is a serious difference in representation from your film to Howe's document. The film also gives the impression in the economy of Bali since thriving and modern, centered on tourism. In Howe's content, he declares that Bali's economy is definitely close to suffering, and that travel has brought the Balinese to forget the many fundamental facets of their religion, which may or may...


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