SOCTEC2 Integration Paper

Simply by: Maria Roselle A. Vicencio

SOCTEC2 continues to be very interesting and helpful about the issues happening in the country. the subject about epistematic community lessons struck me the most. This kind of community details what issues that the people come across and gives them advice of how people can easily do something about it. they might be described as a greater group of research workers that materials information for the society. This consists of climate alter and around the world. Years ago, it is said that environment change and global warming will be met in approximately years in time. The epistematic community is very interesting because it will not only include chemists, zoologist, or geologist, the organic science experts but likewise engineers, psychologists, and sociologists. In short, to resolve a problem, the people should come together and not only be based upon certain people. Everyone ought to be part of the epistematic community going after solutions.

SOCTEC2 helped me realize just how problems may be analyzed and solved by using a set of guidelines and distributed ideas. As what I possess remembered via Fr. Canceran Ph. G., an epistematic community has a shared set of beliefs. Specificially, these are the normative, principled, and causal (cause and effect) beliefs. One example this individual gave is around the cause of heavy floods is because of the urbanization of Manila. In a simple case, it really is about the cementation of grass reasons which triggered the decrease of water compression of the ground. It is simply wonderful on how an epistematic community corresponds to the whole culture. Having a great epistematic community should be the aim of every contemporary society. Basically, creating a common share of knowledge and principles on the betterment from the society with an epistematic organization is a recommended strategy to the Thailand.

The study course has dished up as a door to realize the actual of how technology affects the society. It includes revealed that modernization, a product of the...


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