" Perhaps you have ever pondered why there are numerous gays at Thammasat University? ” Might be it is because homosexual people are fairy accepted in Thailand or even because the inborn hormonal elements. Nobody really knows why. These students may possess something in accordance which is same-sex attraction; however , each person could be so much diverse. After very little observation, We came up with the concept the way these gay learners behave, think and react can be compared with some animal's behavioural patterns. Here are the types which usually present Thammasat gay pupils along with their alternative from the creature kingdom; the Peacock; the Hyena; the Dog and the Owls.

The Peacock gay pupils refer to types who will be good-looking and full of pride. They keep themselves in a perfect physical appearance; they have great manners and dress tidily. You can located the Peacock around the college or university, especially, in sporting events or important university's activities seeing that most of this kind of species happen to be cheerleaders or perhaps university ambassadors. Every day in class (no subject how early it is), you will astonishingly see them in a good appearance from visit toe plus some of them opt to have a deluxe lifestyle; clothes, watches, and shoes. These things must come from the hi-end manufacturer. With a smooth face that they love to use all the time, people may think they may be so emotionless and arrogant. However , they are really optimistic and still have very high probe. They believe in giving adequate room to their partners and anticipate utmost integrity in return. They may have complete trust in both you and believe in everything you say therefore you had better certainly not try to irritate them or perhaps you will get hurt.

The second type is Hyena. Gay registrants of this type very funny loving and incredibly energetic, such as a hyena operating and changing direction swiftly through savanna. They have a total recipe intended for an ideal man, very cunning and charismatic. They often alter their companions quickly from a single to another. The students love to head to department store to get...


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